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IQ Vision

Trends next generation IQ®VISION monitoring and management system

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IQ®VISION is a building monitoring and management solution built upon the powerful Niagara 4 platform. It is capable of integrating Trend controllers, third party devices and internet protocols such as BACnet, LonWorks® and KNX into a centralised software platform that is designed to manage buildings at an enterprise level.

IQ®VISION is designed to manage all sizes of buildings, from single stand-alone sites to large scale sites.

IQ®VISION provides a comprehensive graphical engineering tool and supports HTML5.

BMS Innovations have various libraries of plant to produce high end supervisory graphics. These include dynamic animations, digital representation and analogue conversion.

IQ®VISION graphics can be produced for new projects and the embedded system migration tool can be used for importing existing 963 graphics.

See also Trend 963 Graphics for a wider variety of samples, all of which can be reproduced in IQ®VISION.

Work Examples

IQVision HD Style


IQVision KitPX4nsvg Style

IQVision Typical Floor Graphics